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Creating innovative ways for your businesses

“Business has only two functions- marketing and innovation.”


Addressing the challenges of selling customer goods through digital channels.

Direct Touch Marketing specializes in assisting companies increase the sales of their customer products and services while helping vendors profit from the technological advances that are sweeping our world.


Specializes in providing a full service advertising agency

Direct Touch Marketing is a full-service customer acquisition firm helping companies reach their customers directly. We help businesses grow their customer base and bottom line by creating and executing high-quality, multichannel campaigns.


Promoting the product the right way and make the sale (make money).

Direct Touch Marketing’s merchandising experts are the most respected in the business. We identify opportunities, set strategies, and execute integrated campaigns that increase revenue, drive traffic, and provide efficient customer service.

Why Us?

How we do it

Grow In The Market With


We acknowledge the fact that the market position migh vary from time to time, but we understand how to use that varied change to impact the quality of sales, increase brand awareness and grow your customers base. Our dynamic experienced Sales Team will represent your brand ethically and passionately with great attitude in front of your customers on a day to day basis.

Gain Digital Advantage With

Digital Marketing

Digital sales solutions give us the ability to provide integrated multi-channel solutions to our customers. During the sales life cycle, we understand that customer care is of uttermost importance to our clients, and we can manage the journey efficiently from start to finish.
DTM offers a variety of digital solutions to help businesses increase their sales through digital sales marketing.

Directly to your consumers.


DTM Merchandising process is well positioned to lead a customer to a sale, in that our effective merchandising strategy and product display are essential to increase sales and achieve real competitive advantage in-store.

Be Visible Through

Demonstrations & Promotions

Our effective and professional skills in product demonstration and promotion, gives us the ability to be able to convert potential customers to existing customers.
Our product demonstration is strategically aimed to increase product awareness and grow sales.

Overseeing The Market by

Mystery Shopping

DTM is the partner your company can rely on to improve your customer measure and enhance your customer experience by comparing your company’s customer service to the best industry standards! We are confident in ourselves to provide valuable insights through different Masked Shopper Services that deliver cost-effective and timely results.


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About Us

Who we are

Direct Touch Marketing (DTM) is an Irish based marketing company, with a passion to deliver results that are of the highest standards to our clients through distinguished ambassadors.

We are the decisive factor to your business success

DTM has strong passion to develop brands with enthusiasm in growing the sales level of our Clients, through innovative business ideas and intelligent sales solutions. As we are constantly on top of the market dynamics, this gives us the ability to come up with new sales strategies to grow clients sales and brand.
DTM Field teams run winning campaigns across multiple channels for a variety of sectors, including FMCG, DIY, NGOs, Unitily Services, Communications etc.

Our key services are Sales, Sales Events, Sales Promotion, Door to Door sales, Business to Business Sales, Digital Marketing, Merchandising, Demos, Mystery Shopping and much more.
If you are looking for the right partner to grow your business and brand, contact us today. We have the right marketing solution for your business.

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